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    Délicieusement sain
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    Des jus pressés à froid

Cold pressed juice, 100% organic, 100% healthy, 100% natural, delivered to you every day!

Our ambition: passion

By creating LIV Healthy, we did not just want to offer you delicious green juices full of vitamins and antioxidants. Our project is fueled by a bigger ambition: to share common values around health and wellness. We want to establish a lasting, honest and transparent relationship with our customers and partners, respecting the environment. Our ORGANIC juices are exclusively made in Brittany using a slow extraction process, with fruits and vegetables mostly from local agriculture. Each fruit and vegetable that makes up our cold pressed juices is rigorously selected, so as to offer you all its benefits ... and much more.

Providing your body with well-being and real nutrition, day after day: this is what summarizes LIV Healthy's philosophy!

Who are we?


Some figures about LIV Healthy


natural and raw, from organic fruit and vegetables

600 gr

of fresh fruits and vegetables and detox plants in a single bottle


varieties of plants, vegetables and fruit in each bottle, on average


of ingredients purchased locally if grown locally


heat and pasteurization during extraction to preserve nutrients

Our detox juice and cures of fruit juices and vegetables

Each of our raw juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal for a specific use: health, fitness, sport or beauty. The juices can be combined for an optimal detox cure. And of course, they can be enjoyed daily in addition to meals, to help you reach your quota of 5 fruits and vegetables per day!

Who is LIV Healthy?

"I was always interested in nutrition, nature and sport. I come from place where raw foods are often used as a form of medication. I have seen and experienced what raw, organic and nutritional foods can do to our overall health. Our ambition is to offer you some of the most nutritional foods, unspoiled by industrial processing, organic and mainly sourced locally in the form that allows you to enjoy them without an effort of preparation. We are small team trying to do what we are passionate about and what we deeply believe in!"

Vanja, founder of LIV Healthy

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